Wait. Where did MoodHacker go?

Over a year ago we posted a beta version of MoodHacker (aka: MoodHackerapp.com) to the public after a successful clinical trial. However, the beta period period has now come to a close. We hope the tools, techniques, and other scientific mood-boosting tips that you learned will continue to help manage and improve your mood.

We’ll be back ...

Yep, you read that right! We will be back (and better than ever). However, MoodHackerapp.com (this beta site) is gone for good.

So, how do I get it?

The new MoodHacker will be available to users like you through employers and health plans. So, if you’re interested in keeping MoodHacker in your life, ask your HR department or health insurance plan to implement MoodHacker as a wellness program. To get them started, suggest they head over to www.orcasinc.com/products/moodhacker and call us to set up a demo.

Thank you (is not enough)

And last but not least, we owe each of you a huge “thank you” for using MoodHacker beta and supplying us with insightful feedback. We’ve felt privileged to be a part of your life — both here and on social media. You’ve truly helped us create a better app. So thank you again, and hopefully we’ll reunite soon.